If so, apply to become a substitute at HTC. We need substitutes in all areas, including the custodial and cafeteria departments. Apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScQo4RSo8Y1A1PCvZpMb8c__4HliMCZu4pphWSvKl0-vSlhcA/viewform

Substitute Rate:

Non-Degree, any position         $96.00/Day
 LTA/Registered Nurse               $99.00/Day
2-Year Degree                                   $99.00/Day
4-Year Degree                                   $105.00/Day
4-Year Degree PLUS                          
Teaching Certification                 $113.00/Day
Master’s Degree                               $113.00/Day
Master’s Degree PLUS
Teaching Certification                  $120.00/Day
Substitute Custodian                     $ 15.00/hr
Substitute Bus Driver                     $20.00/hr